Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 upgrades

Technology develops at an extraordinary pace and keeping up with the changes can be challenging but we make upgrading easy! If your practice is using a previous version of Dragon Medical Practice Edition and you are wondering why you should upgrade, not only can we offer the following benefits of the upgrade edition but we can also offer them to you at a fraction of the cost of the whole software package:

  • Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 is 99% accurate, which means it is 20% more accurate than previous versions.
  • The software now includes medical vocabularies for more than 90 specialties and subspecialties as well as regional accent recognition
  • Dictate directly into your EHR and eliminate time spent in front of the computer and increase time spent with your patients
  • Save time and money by increasing efficiency and the turnaround for reimbursements, sometimes by as much as $10,000 per year, per physician

Upgrade to Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

With increased functionality and the physician in mind, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 can help you and your physicians improve the way they create and manage medical records with EHR integration and complete HIPAA compliance.

Speak with a speech recognition specialist about upgrading to the latest edition of Dragon Medical Practice Edition, or any other speech recognition solutions offered by Nuance, for your medical practice.

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