Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 resellers in Canada

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, the newest voice recognition software for medical professionals, is now sold in Canada. We can help you find a Nuance Certified Reseller in your area, and you can start benefiting from a speech-enabled EHR today.

What is a Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 reseller?

Resellers connect you with the medical technology you need from Nuance so that you can make the most of your medical practice. Resellers work directly with distributors to acquire the technology you need. Resellers are located in Canada to provide service to medical practices in the greater Canada area that are looking to change the way they create and manage medical records. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 can be purchased directly through these resellers along with other technology solutions that help you maximize the profitability of your medical practice.

Get connected with a reseller in Canada:

Call one of our specialists today and get connected with a reseller close to you. Receive 1 hour of free tech support with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 when you register to connect with resellers in your area.

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